College Struggles

College Struggles Series: 6 Tips for Starting Off Strong

Welcome to the first post in the College Struggles Series. Today we'll dive into the importance of choosing the school that's right for YOU and knowing that you can do it! I have always loved to learn, write and read; naturally this made me a lover of school. Growing up, I thought that college was… Continue reading College Struggles Series: 6 Tips for Starting Off Strong

Adventures in Health

March of Health Goals

As mentioned inĀ All I See is Fat, I have gained 90 pounds but have learned to love myself along the way. Because of this, I want to treat myself and my body better. I want to be able to go throughout my day without feeling drained and suffer from various aches and pains. I know… Continue reading March of Health Goals

Adventures in Health

All I See is Fat

I found myself looking at pictures from my past when I thought I was fat, remembering how much I despised my body. I was so cruel to myself all throughout my youth. I then realized that my body was just fine.