To The Point Beauty Reviews

To The Point Beauty Reviews: Fit Me Dewy

Recently Influenster gave me the opportunity to try two products from Maybelline. Master Prime (Hydrate and Smooth) and the Fit Me Dewy Foundation. I have combination skin, so my T Zone has oily tendencies while my cheeks and chin love to mix it up with a dry spot here and there. I also have acne,… Continue reading To The Point Beauty Reviews: Fit Me Dewy

Adventures in Health

March of Health Goals

As mentioned in All I See is Fat, I have gained 90 pounds but have learned to love myself along the way. Because of this, I want to treat myself and my body better. I want to be able to go throughout my day without feeling drained and suffer from various aches and pains. I know… Continue reading March of Health Goals

Adventures in Health

All I See is Fat

I found myself looking at pictures from my past when I thought I was fat, remembering how much I despised my body. I was so cruel to myself all throughout my youth. I then realized that my body was just fine.

Goal Digger

How I Plan on Making 2018 MY Year

"In my youth, there were so many things I felt passionate about. I was always doing something creative. Over time I've let this part of my personality sit on a shelf because I haven't had time to deal with it. Well that's all going to change. "

Goal Digger

Why I waited on my New Year Resolutions

From October 1st through January, life tends to be chaotic. We have a stream of Holidays that are thrown in our direction and it seems that you just can’t catch a break; you struggle to find a balance between getting through the days while still trying to enjoy what’s supposed to be “The Most Wonderful… Continue reading Why I waited on my New Year Resolutions