Goal Digger

7 Steps for Awesome Goal Planning

We all have dreams; whether it be graduating from an Ivy League school, raising a family, or becoming a well-known artist, there are things that tug at our soul, reminding us that we have things to do.​ Things outside of the daily routine of school or work or parenting. I myself am always thinking about all the things… Continue reading 7 Steps for Awesome Goal Planning

Goal Digger

Why I waited on my New Year Resolutions

From October 1st through January, life tends to be chaotic. We have a stream of Holidays that are thrown in our direction and it seems that you just can’t catch a break; you struggle to find a balance between getting through the days while still trying to enjoy what’s supposed to be “The Most Wonderful… Continue reading Why I waited on my New Year Resolutions


The Journey Begins

Health, Fitness, Business, Lifestyle, Success, Happiness, Wealth, and whatever else we discover along the way. Endlessly Eclectic involves all of the above, because we just don't fit into one basic mold. For those who want it all, or just like it all, this is for you! Thanks for joining me! Stay Tuned & Stay Motivated… Continue reading The Journey Begins