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To The Point Beauty Reviews: Fit Me Dewy

Recently Influenster gave me the opportunity to try two products from Maybelline. Master Prime (Hydrate and Smooth) and the Fit Me Dewy Foundation. I have combination skin, so my T Zone has oily tendencies while my cheeks and chin love to mix it up with a dry spot here and there. I also have acne, acne scars and rosacea. This makes my skin a wonderful shade of pink that would have Patrick Star looking shabby in comparison.

It’s ok though, this is my skin and I love it. But I do have to be aware of what I’m putting on my face, and I do love a great foundation. I enjoy trying new products, so here is my honest review of these two items.


I began by washing my face, and applying an eye cream and face moisturizer. After letting this set for five minutes, I went on to apply the Master Prime Primer. It was lightweight and left my face feeling fresh and hydrated. I waited another five minutes before applying the Fit Me Dewy Foundation. I used a foundation brush to apply and was surprised on how easy it was to blend. My dry spots really appreciated that.

I decided to not set the foundation with powder, because I really wanted to see how these products performed on their own. The foundation left my skin feeling moisturized and gave me a nice glow.

Quick work selfie, but my eyes were already reacting to the foundation

As the day went on, I found that I am not the perfect candidate for this product. I wore it throughout my entire workday which was a total of 15 hours and I was not a happy camper. I have very sensitive eyes, and that combined with my oily skin created red, painful eyes. I was disappointed by this because I loved the glow I had.

Unfortunately, I feel this product is not suited for anyone that experience problems with makeup products causing eye irritation. But if this is not you, then I definitely recommend giving this foundation a shot! It was easy to blend, lightweight and provided good coverage!

Overall I rate this product a total of 4 out of 5 Patrick Stars.

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