Adventures in Health

March of Health Goals

As mentioned in All I See is Fat, I have gained 90 pounds but have learned to love myself along the way. Because of this, I want to treat myself and my body better. I want to be able to go throughout my day without feeling drained and suffer from various aches and pains. I know these are things that are caused by my horrible eating habits and lack of physical activity. So I’ve decided that March is where I will begin my journey!


  1. Utilize my gym pass at least once a week. This may seem like a very small thing to most people, but I have had my pass for months and have gone a total of two times. It’s not easy squeezing in the gym on top of three jobs, a full time school schedule and all of the side projects I do (including this blog). So this is the small stepping stone I need at this point of my life.
  2. Begin to make my breakfast at home. Currently I eat out for all my meals and it’s not as great as it once was. Since I’m always rushing from place to place, drive thru’s are my best friends. More like that toxic friend that you want to cut out of your life, but don’t know how. This is one step in the right direction.
  3. Track my water intake. I’ve done this in the past, and knowing what I need to drink really motivates me to keep filling up my water bottle.
  4. Keep a tracker for my food and weight. This will help me be able to record my journey and share it along the way.

These are the 4 things I’m going to do throughout the month of March to attempt and better my health. Notice that there is nothing drastic on this list. This is because drastic tactics do not lead to long term success. This is a lifelong journey that I’m on and I am willing to start with small adjustments although they may not lead to the fastest results.

PATIENCE truly is a virtue and you have to be patient and kind to yourself in order to be successful in anything you strive to do. If you mess up, it’s not the end of the journey; it’s simply a bump along the way.

What are your March for Health goals?

Stay Tuned & Stay Motivated ❤

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