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How I Plan on Making 2018 MY Year

Now that we have gone through 7 Steps for Awesome Goal Planning we now have a strong foundation to create successful goals. I wanted to take some time to share with you what goals I have planned to make sure 2018 is MY year, for 3 different reasons.

1. I like to practice what I preach. It’s easy for people to tell others what to do, but it’s an entirely different thing to actually DO what it is you’re recommending. I would never share things that I’m not willing to do myself.
2. I believe in the power of putting your goals out in the universe to bring you success (while putting in the work of course).
3. Lastly, I may need someone to put me in line! Simply knowing that I have shared this will hold me accountable, and accountability leads to success!

With that being said, here are the things I’m GOING to accomplish in 2018!
(Confidence is key)

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  • I have gained tons of weight over the last 2/3 years. Not literal TONS, although it does feel like that some days. Either way, I’m finally going to take action and plan on sharing this difficult journey with you. In total I want to lose 90 pounds, just to get back down to my old weight where I swore I was fat 😒
    • Part of the reason for my major weight gain is my HORRIBLE diet. I eat fast food on a daily basis and this is something I am going to change. I am going to be a Meal Prep Queen. (Ok, probably not a Queen, but at least a Mostly Meal Prepper Person).


    • As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized how wonderful parents really are,  at least if you’re fortunate enough to have good parents, which sadly not everyone does. So I’m getting older which means my parents are getting older 😭 and I really want to try and spend more time with them. They are both homebodies so I’m hoping to get them out of their comfort zone and take them to some fun places.
    • Because I work 3 jobs, free time is something that is hard to come by. Thus, I have found myself neglecting my relationships, including the one with my S.O. It is not rare for us to go weeks without seeing each other which shouldn’t be okay, especially when we live less than 30 minutes away from each other AND when the thing keeping us apart is WORK. (We’re the biggest workaholics I know). So this year I want us to set aside more time for each other. This falls back on me, because he is way better at setting aside time for us than I am.
    • My friendship outings/crossings have also been non-existent, so I want to have a dedicated Friend day on a monthly basis. This may seem like an easy task, but I will probably struggle the most with this goal.


    • In my youth, there were so many things I felt passionate about. I was always consumed in creative projects. Over time I’ve let this part of my personality sit on a shelf because I haven’t had time to deal with it. Well that’s all going to change. This is why I’ve started this website and decided to start blogging again. I will get back to doing the things that bring me joy.
    • Other creative things I want to get into again: photography, journaling, crafting, sewing, fashion, hiking and many more!


    • My 3 jobs have provided me with great work experience in my field and has helped me in paying off my debts, however it does take up ALL my time. Since I’m officially done with my Bachelors degree in 6 weeks, I’m hoping to land a job that pays double what I make now at all 3 jobs combined. Time to dust off the old resume! Or at lease open up the Word document.
    • Entrepreneurship is something I’ve been obsessed with for over a decade. This year I definitely plan on investing more time and energy into my business. I would love to see it finally thrive!


    • 2018 is the year I say good bye to my debts. I will do this by making sure that all credit card/student loan debt will be paid off by the end of the year.
    • Paying off my car sooner than the time frame I have in my loan agreement. This means breaking down how much needs to be paid off and creating a payment schedule to ensure that it gets paid faster.
    • I’m FINALLY going to create a REAL budget that I can stick to.
    • Because I want to buy house in a couple of years, I want to double the amount of savings I currently have in my account.

    There you have it. The goals I am going to work on in 2018 to ensure that this is FINALLY MY YEAR!
    What goals have you decided to commit to?

    Next week’s post is going to be REAL, as I begin to share my Weight Loss Journey with you.

    Stay Tuned & Stay Motivated ❤

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